Who is ian somerhalder currently dating 2016

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Is Nina Dobrev dating Chace Crawford or Mark Foster of Foster The People?

Sources close to the situation have revealed that despite her “taken” status, Nina spent Thanksgiving with Chace. Perhaps she is really just trying to play the field since splitting from her long time Vampire Diaries love Ian Somerhalder? Even Carrie Underwood said back in 2012 that Chace only dated her for the publicity.Even more recently, Chace was attached to Michelle Rodriguez.He was reportedly using her for the free vacation that he took on her dime.We can’t help but to think that maybe Nina is the one using him this time.Maybe she is using him as a means in order to make Ian jealous? She could also be using Chace to hide her relationship with Mark Foster….

Ian has been busy schmoozing it up with his currently girlfriend Nikki Reed, but perhaps pangs of jealousy are hitting Ian when he sees pictures of his ex-girlfriend smiling and looking all happy with another man?

She’s probably leaking this stuff to the media so that she will get to him in one way or another. Ian is hot and things got pretty serious between him and Nikki Reed rather on the fast track.

Their romance was stepped up so quickly that I was even wondering if they were sexing things up together while he was still with Nina Dobrev?

It’s certainly not out of the realm of possibility!

Ian Somerhalder is allegedly stalling his and Nikki Reed's plans to start their own family after seeing his ex-girlfriend, Nina Dobrev perform a sultry dance on "Lip Sync Battle" with NFL star Tim Tebow.

Ian Somerhalder is reportedly still hoping to reunite with his former girlfriend, Nina Dobrev.