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The FTDI FT232 chip is found in thousands of electronic baubles, from Arduinos to test equipment, and more than a few bits of consumer electronics.

It’s a simple chip, converting USB to a serial port, but very useful and probably one of the most cloned pieces of silicon on Earth.

Thanks to a recent Windows update, all those fake FTDI chips are at risk of being bricked.

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Reports of problems with FTDI chips surfaced early this month, with an explanation of the behavior showing up in an EEVblog forum thread.The new driver for these chips from FTDI, delivered through a recent Windows update, reprograms the USB PID to 0, something Windows, Linux, and OS X don’t like.This renders the chip inaccessible from any OS, effectively bricking any device that happens to have one of these fake FTDI serial chips.Because the FTDI USB to UART chip is so incredibly common, the market is flooded with clones and counterfeits.it’s very hard to tell the difference between the real and fake versions by looking at the package, but a look at the silicon reveals vast differences.

The new driver for the FT232 exploits these differences, reprogramming it so it won’t work with existing drivers.It’s a bold strategy to cut down on silicon counterfeiters on the part of FTDI.A company would go after the manufacturers of fake chips, not the consumers who are most likely unaware they have a fake chip.The workaround for this driver update is to download the FT232 config tool from the FTDI website on a Win XP or Linux box, change the PID of the fake chip, and never using the new driver on a modern Windows system.There will surely be an automated tool to fix these chips automatically, but until then, take a good look at what Windows Update is installing – it’s very hard to tell if your devices have a fake FTDI chip by just looking at them.In addition, Valve have tweaked several gameplay settings that will have a huge impact on gameplay, including increasing movement inaccuracy with pistols as well as changing movement values with rifles to try and tweak the distance at which spraying becomes preferable to rifling. You know, you can just press right click to shot instantly but more inaccurate :) Chill man, yup it is OP AF but you cant dodge on long distances or kill him before he literally pull the trigger. Also this 'be the first' is in the mind of the users than in that of the staff as far as I am concerned. I suppose the change on the rifles is a good thing, haven't tested it yet. The revolvers are best use at either open space to lead targets into crosshairs. However, the 5th leg is 10 centimetres longer than the other 4. (tapping was close to useless before) "In Competitive Matchmaking times are now and for round and C4, respectively.