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Please, Can anyone offer advice as to why SO many western women seem to fall inlove with Turkish men?

I read this site regularly now, and most translation posts are from women desperate to communicate with a Turkish man. But i think because turkish men treat women so nice when they meet them, and with western men they are what the women are used to seeing, they feel they are being treated the same by each and every man until they meet a turkish man. With western men they are(not all, im not trying to be judgemental) but they dont seem to bothered about relationships after a while and football, golf, rugby, hockey, cars etc become more important.(of course not all men but you know quite a few!

(please - don't hear me as judgemental- I'm in the same boat) BUT WHY? ) I think this is partially why but i know there are a lot more reasons and i will be looking forward to hearing them!

yeh i agree, it's the way in which they have been brought up to treat and respect women. It could also just be that feeling of being on holiday and being happy all the time that we feel like we are in love ..........i have to say, for me, i am just attracted to foreign men (im from england), their accent and the way they treat you........the reason why i love turkish men is because i love turkiye and the language!

and probably vice versa.......i love working there I cannot tell you as to why it seems western woman fall in love with Turkish men, I can however tell you why I fell in love with my Turkish husband.