Tony oller and carlson young dating


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They had a future musician (no, not Demi this time), a now soap opera star and a few movie stars in their cast and they didn’t even know it. Check out who they are and what they’re up to now below. You might remember him most however from his musical career. Alongside his musical partner, Malcolm David Kelley he has released three albums since the duo began in 2012. in 2009 and played her for 52 episodes before leaving the show in 2010.Gabriela was even nominated for a Young Artist Award for her performance on the Daytime TV series in 2011, which is totally awesome.Since she left the soap opera world she hasn't done much acting, but we're sure she'll pop back up soon.Although Demi only played Charlotte Adams for 15 episodes (she was super cute btw), she is probably the most successful star from the Disney Channel show.After playing the musically talented character she went on to have her own Disney show, where she will voice Smurfette! She has released four albums since starring on her first Disney series and she released her latest single, "Cool for the Summer" during summer 2015 and it's amazing.and said "gettin my popcorn out : P" He also told her to "get home soon :)." Plus, in the beginning of December the two also divulged in a flirty exchange about the kind of girl Tony likes.