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]( credos)A credo is a set of beliefs, principles, or opinions that strongly influence the way a person lives or works.( FORMAL ) Lord Clarendon’s liberal credo was one of the foundations of his political conduct."The troubles of radiocarbon dating method are undeniably deep and serious...

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The wonder is, surely, that the remaining half come to be accepted." -- R. Lee, "Radiocarbon, Ages in Error," in Anthropological Journal of Canada, March 3, 1981, p 9.

Once on the Quote Summary, will click on generate PDF to generate a Quote PDF Send it to the customer - only if there is no record of a signed quote.

If customer purchased online, they agreed to our terms and condition, so no need to have them sign a quote. Upon Sign-off, or existing signed quote, click on the Send to Z-billing button to send the Quote over to Zuora As soon as an invoice was generated, the sales rep can view and download it as a PDF in Salesforce.

Scroll to the bottom within the Salesforce-Account and click on the invoice number under "Invoices".

Then on the bottom of the invoice view, click "Invoice PDF".

A case is a question or feedback from a prospect or customer.

Each of us can review cases to see how we can deliver better service.

When a case is submitted, if the contacts email address is in salesforce, the contact owner will be assigned to the case.

If there is no match, the case will go to our BDR Queue.

Anyone can check this queue and reassign to yourself if this is your contact or respond to this case. The Emails related list includes all emails sent by your customer regarding a particular case, as well the email threads between you and your customer.

The first 77 characters of an email message appear in the related list so that you can see what the message is about without having to click on it.