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Why do we see and hear little of women musicians in Zanzibar?

Read Lingson Adam’s report from an island where radio-DJs are known to have ‘blacklisted’ female musicians who refused them sexual favours, and where parents and husbands are reported to be at the core of strong ‘cultural censorship’ practices To Baby J, the big trouble is with radio stations’ DJs.

They are predominantly males and, in her account, they are morally corrupt, insistently demanding sexual favours so as to give air time for songs by the female musicians. You take your CD to a radio station, and then this DJ calls you to meet him. When you decline you are threatened that your songs will be blacklisted, and they usually do so,” told Baby J as she gave Freemuse her testimony regarding the huddles female musicians face in Zanzibar.Baby J – real name: Jamila Abdallah Ally – is one of the promising young musicians in Zanzibar.‘Zenji flavour’ is what the Zanzibar youth calls their local style of hip-hop.Baby J won two prizes at the Zanzibar Music Award 2008, one as ‘female upcoming artist of the year’, and one as ‘female artist of the year’.“My sprouting into music has not been smooth,” she told Freemuse.On the other hand, she also explained that her being assertive has paid her dividend: “When you are stable and look them in the eyes, they come to respect you.