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Our service is aimed at like-minded individuals and couples who want to meet up with other men and women.

So what are you waiting for, the joining process takes no more than a minute, we are here for you!Our service is run by people for the benefit of you.We began in 1999 and has had thousands of members come and go over this period.This is the third version of the site which has been switched across to the Bone Fish Limited service in February 2001.For all those interested in using this service, it is completely free to join.

If you have any feedback on this service, please send an email to customer services and we will strive to get back to you as soon as we can.Consists of drinking tea, listening to 80s music and finding the best content to share with you, our loving public.We work with a smile on our faces which we try and put across in our websites.We do not do this for a 9-5 job, we have passion and believe in everything we do.Everything has a purpose including our desire to produce the best work we can. We work on following the trends in dating and try and write to our audience, you guys.We are always open to new ideas and suggestions on what to write about so don`t worry about contacting us, we do not bite. We have all been working on the web since we could see over the tops of our desks. We love working with people, especially people who are brainier than we are. Many of our great ideas come from talking to great people, why not come and join us? We would love to hear from you, it would make for an interesting distraction from paying the bills and deleting the spam!