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Edit 2: I SERIOUSLY DIDNT MEAN TO MAKE A MARIO STAR! Type the cheats in the box below the name and DONT hit submit! See, Cigam is the city where her(Amy/Pacthesis) stories and sim dates take place(There's also Reton. first, therea a green trashcan next to Xoglas store. Unti dragonmunchies' guide* to Pacthesis' dating sims Tip For All Games Don't use any max relation cheats.

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I know there's more and I might add more later, but I just find it funny that she connects all these games. go to the flowershop guy (iforgot his name)he'll give u a knife go to Elias he'll give you a screwdriver. go to the woods (or what i call the grave yard) and plant them in the yellow Guide to Memory Days Sim Date by Pacthesis Out of boredom, I decided to try and find every ending in Memory Days Sim Date by Pacthesis: It took me several hours, but here is what I've found. go to the park he'll be there~ for Raine you need the shovel and 12 roses. click it and go back everyday.~clyde, keep working until you pass out (click the work button 3 times) then you'll be a t Alix's house. go south as far as you can and there should be a little bird drawring on the floor. he'll give you a flash light witch lets you unlock sky at the old factory nnoth of the cop station.~for veon you need a red marker witch is found outside the flowershop in a green pot.

If you do, you miss ALL of the dialogue and practically all of the story.Also, don't use any unlocking cheats, because you may miss out on some cutscenes!«Undisputed 4» movie could become a worthy continuation of created trilogy, provided the creators concentrate on the plot and fight filming.According to Scott Adkins, these are the main factors which influence the positive movie release.According to his Facebook profile, he predicts the production of «Undisputed 4» movie in 2014.A long wait is caused by the fact of his schedule being already made for the current year.