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Of course, we're going to start off with the question everyone hates. Hopefully, this quiz can help you figure out your romantic IQ, and maybe give you some things to look into. 'v'- What are some of your hobbies / interests? Why my answer is..." Otome games were always [Name]'s favourite, no matter how ashamed she is when she tries to hide it from friends to seem 'mature'.

A) 221750be666f1d0711f5686cff3fc6 B) y C) 32d7cb0d1552b824367d78d904678b D) 3c270e49c3b157b5ca6151ef4a93ef- What do you do in your free time? I know mostly all of them revolve around pop, but just pick one. That's all well and good- as long as you're ready for romance. Discover your house, friends, enemies, boyfriend, blood status, patronus, personality, quidditch position, best/worst subjects,what the characters think of you and your future. The grass under her is a little slimy, despite appearing to be fresh, lavish and green. What she minds is what the hell happened when she was in her peaceful, humble little room seconds ago, and warped into this unknown area seconds later. " A voice beside her interrupts her train of thoughts, surprising the g"Will I love you if even though you are not the 'protagonist'?

Remember, it's okay to not be ready for dating. ~ ♡ My name is Syd ^-^ So, to start off, what kind of guy sounds most appealing? However, she never thought the characters of the games ar...

- How do you think your friends would describe you? She’d just been dreaming about a castle, not a trampoline!Which mystical creature would fall in love with you? Only when her eyes opened did she realise that the bouncing sensation had been her twin sister, Hermione Granger, jumping on the end of her bed in a method to wake her up.This quiz is intended for girls, but guys feel free to take it too! The eleven year old rubbed her sapphire blue eyes, squinting at the bright room.“Wake up, we’re going to Devon!I am 45 and my skin around the eyes is getting a little saggy and thin.Recently I been noticing a lot of the makeup aging women are wearing, but don't have a clear answer...

Is matt or frosted eye shadow generally better for aging skin?

mac studio fix, tarte provocateur mineral pressed powder or hello flawless??

I have never read comic what leaves feelings like that. This makes it alot easier for me to read without switching between the original Korean version and to the comment translation.

It's little bit creepy and it leave empty feeling for few minutes, but that's why i love it.

XD But again I'll tell you, I love the art and the story too.

I don't know why you have a mature content filter because none of the gore and etc.