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Beyond them, in a small back office, two boys are playing Super Mario Brothers on a computer.It was here, by grim happenstance in 1996, that Father Fortunato experienced an epiphany.

But slurpy is also slang for a sex act; what came back was a connection to an outfit called the Pedophile Liberation Front, which defends the lifestyle of pedophiles--people who are sexually attracted to children.

Through that link, Father Fortunato found other sites, and discovered letters addressed to kids attempting to lure them into relationships. "If I didn't, I'm sure I would have gone out there with a machine gun and taken justice in my own hands." Father Fortunato did seek justice of a different sort.

Four years and thousands of Web searches later, he and three colleagues have uncovered evidence of mind-numbing atrocities, including photos of child rape involving children as young as toddlers and infants.

Father Fortunato Di Noto counts himself as having once been among the innocent, or at least the blissfully ignorant.

He is everything you might expect an Italian priest to be: portly, balding, popular among the local kids, prone to passionate bursts of indignation.

He wears a floor-length black cassock, and sometimes props his glasses low on his nose, so his blue eyes gleam over the rims with added intensity.His parish church, the Madonna del Carmine, occupies a square in an old part of Avola, a small coastal town in Sicily.The neighboring buildings, chipped and peeling, have empty holes for windows.The outside of Father Fortunato's church is drab concrete.Inside, overhanging the pews and altar, is a garish modern painting portraying the seven deadly sins.A group of children has gathered in a small wooden alcove for a Bible class.