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The testing is also done on a yearly basis, so the athletes can see how far they have come as result of their hard work and effort.Since the athletes are aware that testing takes place early in the season, they are more likely to complete fall training correctly.The testing measures strength, power, speed, coordination, flexibility, and endurance, which are all great qualities to have if you are an athlete.

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Knowing this information allows me to write better workouts for specific events groups, or tailor the workouts to fit individual athletes.The tests include: the OHB (over head backwards throw), UHF (under hand forward throw), Fly 30m, Block 30m, SLJ (standing long jump), STJ (standing triple jump), 150m, and 300m. I usually divide the events over a few days so the athletes can test to the best of their ability and I can get an accurate measure for each event. Read Workouts and Training During Breaks What does each test measure?SLJ (standing long jump) which tests power & coordination STJ (standing triple jump) which also tests power and coordination, but also aids in identifying acceleration capabilities Block 30m which tests power and coordination, but also aids in indentifying acceleration capabilities Fly 30m which tests speed OHB (over head backwards throw w/ shot put) which tests power and coordination UHF (underhand forward throw w/shot put) which tests power and coordination 150m which tests speed and speed endurance 300m which tests endurance, overall fitness level, and it helps find out who the “gamers” are in the group.Every November for the past 10 years, I have tested my sprinters in order to improve the training for each individual athlete, and to help me become a better coach.All of the tests that I use are designed around specific track and field events.

Testing is beneficial for both the athletes as well as myself.

The tests are events that the athletes can be successful in early in the year.

In November, the athletes are not prepared to run a personal best in the 100m, 200m, or 400m.

During testing, it is common for athletes to become frustrated with how they perform, because they usually have high expectations for their results.

Testing helps me figure out the strengths and weaknesses for each athlete and the team as a whole.

The events that I test can be re-tested later in the season so the athletes can see their growth within a given year.