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He graduated from Turner Field, Albany, GA, S/N: O-820702. After the last explosion, the tail separated from the airplane and it went fluttering down without a tail and in flames.

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22, 1944 he was co-pilot on a B-24J (S/N: 42-51300) with a crew of 9 leaving from Castelluccio, Italy on a bombing mission on the Lobau oil storage installation at Vienna, Austria. (MACR #8002) He graduated from Spence Field, S/N: O-820446. He flew P-51’s from San Severo, Italy from July 1944 to Nov. On this date he hit a tree while on a straffing mission (30th). He spent 3 weeks in a Bratislavia prison and 6 months as a P. Won the DFC and the Air Medal with 4 oak leaf clusters. (Scheduled to graduate from Advanced as officers Jan. 31, 1943 Click below for a picture of: Squadron E, Class of 1944-A Squadron G, Class of 1944-A Click to see Squadron G identifications. Squadron H, Class of 1944-A Graduated from Turner Field, Albany GA (twin) on Feb.

He brought down two German fighter planes and drove off others as they attacked U.

Flew 69 missions in P-51s over Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands while serving with the 359th Fighter Group, 368th Fighter Squadron, 8th Air Force. See and He graduated from Turner Field, S/N: O-820694.

He was assigned to the 448th Bomb Group 715th Bomb Sqdn as written in the online book “A Replacement Crew in the ETO” by John C.

After the war, he returned to Brooklyn where he owned and drove a cab.

After the war he was with the Western Electric Co., then with Bell Labs. He was 19 years old when he went to Italy and flew his first mission on Aug.

Robert washed out of Primary and became a Gunner and Navigator on B-24’s.