Hello to all of you our there, I just posted a paid service request for a Match Making mod. Cheers Maria Hello, Finally I decided to write my own Module. It's name should be vb Mates (or vb Pals the Adult version). i ended up using another more flexible program, but its nice for a good start... i'd like to be one the first to install....microhellas's hack looks really nice..... As I'm not planing to pay crazy amount of $$$, if someone is interesting to share the total cost (only in case that it's out of my budget), please let post here. and it can be bridged with vbulletin (if i remember correctly)... i ended up using another more flexible program, but its nice for a good start... I've tried that script and also I bought Flash Chat from them (even for :rolleyes: ). Even living in Greece I had problems with FBI till to prove them that I had no idea about this :( Cheers Maria For those who are interesting on vb Mates and/or vb Pals here is the link of the new thread:

As I wrote before I'm in dating sites as webmistress (and not webmaster ;) ) for nearly 10 years.Re-Os dating method was applied to the Kuroko ores from of the Wanibuchi Mine, southwestern Ja-pan.Two whole-rock Kuroko ores and two yellow color fragments separated from one Kuroko ore sample were analyzed.Their Re and Os concentrations range from 3.52 to 50.6 ppb and from 20.1 to 92.9 ppt, respectively, and their 187Os/188Os ratios vary from 0.911 to 1.609.These data yield an isochron age of 18.44 ± 0.60 Ma with initial 187Os/188Os of 0.621 ± 0.013.

The age is older than the inferred Kuroko formation age of northeastern Kuroko deposits, and also about three Ma older than the time of the clock-wise rotation of southwestern Japan (ca. The Wanibuchi Kuroko deposits are considered to have formed at the waning stage of the first phase (28–18 Ma) of the rifting and seafloor spreading in the Japan Sea area.The initial 187Os/188Os ratio might reflect the contemporaneous local seawater ratio that was more affected by mantle-derived Os resulted from the volcanic activities of Japan Sea formation than the typical oceanic Os ratio.Kuroko ore formation is associated with the Japan Sea formation.The formation of the entire Japan Sea is considered to have occurred during 32 to 10 Ma (Tamaki et al., 1992).It is also well established through paleomagnetic studies that the clockwise rotation of southwestern Japan occurred at around 15 Ma (from 16.1 ± 1.4 to 14.2 ± 0.6 Ma) (e.g., Otofuji, 1996), and the counterclockwise rotation of NE Japan had taken place during ca. Thus, we hope to correlate the exact Kuroko formation time with a history of the Japan Sea formation.Recent development in Re and Os analyses permits age determinations on geological materi-als which have ppb Re and ppt Os (e.g., Cohen et al., 1999), though the reported ages are rather old (i.e., pre-Cenozoic).