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A lot of guys I meet in person see my hand or my limp before they see my personality.

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I was scared that if I told him, he wouldn't want to meet. Maybe if you meet someone you really are interested in you could add them to your facebook if you have one.

It's kind of hard to explain that your handicapped to someone who never met you before. When we met in person he actually didn't notice anything until I said something. He asked if I would ever get better and I said probably not since its been so long. but he called the next day and told me he couldn't handle being more than friends because I can't do things he likes to do. I have met some really great people boht on this site and other sites and if I feel comfortable with them and want to let them peer a little deeper into my world then I will add them to facebook.

I bragged about how I adjusted and I made sure I mentioned all the wonderful things I can do and the plus sides to being an individual with a disability. I guess its my fault that I can't play sports and video games but I thought none of that would matter if I have an amazing personality. im just an old guy who also had a stroke,and your so called date, well, his loss, when you find the right one, he will want to learn from you, and also teach you ways to do those so called things someone likes to do. He had said that he didn't think that she would want anything to do with him because he is completely. In your case then the guy can get to know you better and see you and maybe even know about your disbaility.

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