Looking for dating with foreign men

Subconsciously wanting to keep polygamy and freedom, a man chooses difficult goals.

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This behavior has repeatedly described by professional psychologists.

Obsessive demonstration of a desire to have a husband is like a demonstration of a trap for a victim, and the man does not want to be your prisoner, his purpose is to hunt.

The second reason for loneliness is ready to do everything for the convenience of men.

Consent and obedience should be dosed, and should not become a habitude that very often we can see in most of the single russian women.

In several months a man gets bored and he will find another entertainment – he will find another woman.

When the single slavic girl from the beginning is ready for anything, men will not think she is serious, just one more woman of easy virtue.

Some women accept the situation the man does not respond to letters and messages, reset calls, disappearing with friends or another passion.

Such a woman is waiting for a call and is ready for any man.

A man finds next to her a place for a rest, relax, and then when he used her enough he is ready for his new feats.

The atmosphere of peace and relaxation quickly becomes boring, he knows that with such a woman he will not have any problems, and he wants to conquer new ladies.

Humble woman, ready to support, soothe a man as a child in the eyes of the hunter does not look like a target, she is just an alternate partner, where always comfortable, but boring.