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Think how much money this saves you from paying Garmin and donate appropriately.

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Now my old CF card has 3 files; gmapsupp.img, and GMAPSUPP. How many files are needed to complete the update and if needed where can I get the correct GMAPSUPP. In either case, it is only necessary to have two files on the card. You just need the and if your doing it using my instructions. I know themainvicking is the expert on GPS navi units, so wonder why he's saying don't update the firmware.I know there are some problems with the latest versions, and it's a trade off between the things that don't work and having updated maps. How can I tell if the file is locked/unlocked before use?I read that the old maps will work with the new firmware, is that correct?Here's a way you can get updated maps for your Gold Wing Navi, without having to pay Garmin an exorbitant amount. Wait for the second e-mail to turn up which will give you a link to go to where you can download your new map/s8.Don't get me wrong, I believe companies are in business to make a profit, and if Garmin gave me a way to buy a lifetime update for an reasonable price, as I have for my Zumo, then I would just do that, and not worry about a work around. Follow the link and download the file '" (ignore the bits about different files for different systems unless you want to play with the map on your computer)9.

Should work for most countries in the world, but I've only done Australia, as that's where I live. Unzip the file, if it hasn't already happened when it was downloaded.10.For safety you should back up your old card, or start with a new card with the firmware already installed on the card. Copy the new file into the Garmin directory on your CF or SD card.If you have a pre 2009 US or pre 2012 (rest of the world) then you need to update the firmware to be able to read the new style NT maps. Don't replace your old file as you may need it as a backup.This step by step is only about updating the maps from the Open Street Map project. (Note for the Navi to work the file must be labeled as above, so if you want to keep your old file on the same card, then rename it to old before doing this step)Lastly the maps from here are made via crowd sourcing, so probably won't be as accurate as the Garmin ones. But what you can do is, if you find and error, get involved in the project and update the maps to correct them. Request your map/s by filling in your e-mail address and clicking the button7.If you aren't prepared to do this, then at least make a donation to the project (bottom on the left hand side of the main web page).