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Welcome to the one and only Forces Reunited®, the largest British Armed Forces Community on the web with over a million members!

You are much more likely to find your friends on Forces Reunited than anywhere else, but Forces Reunited is much more than just a reunion site, with great free services such as our lively forums, military news, photo gallery and many other great sections, we have more features than you can shake the proverbial RSM's stick at!

Click here to join the largest British Armed Forces Community on the web and get access to all the sites features.If you are already a Forces Reunited member, log back in.It is thought that upwards of 9,000 homeless in the UK are ex-Armed Forces, with over 1,000 in London alone.These are people who made personal sacrifices to put on a uniform and serve their country, a country which has now abandoned them.There are a whole host of reasons why a service person can become homeless, the stresses of military life leave a palpable mark on anyone but more usual concerns such as a marriage break-up also play their part. What do you think of meeting a fish on the Internet for love and romance? However, it would be handy to have someone with a different form of disability so that you could somehow triggered a balance on things you and your potential partner are able to do and not do.