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You can help by rewriting it to meet Wikipedia's quality standards and neutral point of view policy, ensuring the accuracy of the information by citing reliable sources. Mongolian men, women, and children are found in these conditions in China, Macau, Malaysia, South Korea, and Hong Kong.

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There remain concerns about involuntary child labor in the Mongolian construction, mining, and industrial sectors, where children are vulnerable to injury and face severe health hazards.

The problem of Mongolian women subjected to conditions of involuntary servitude after engaging in brokered marriages – mainly to South Korean men – continues.

Trafficking within Mongolia often involves women and girls forced to work in saunas or massage parlors where they are subjected to forced prostitution.

Anecdotal reports continue to indicate that South Korean and Japanese tourists engage in child sex tourism in Mongolia.

During the year, the first ever documented case of Mongolia as a destination country involved two Filipina women who became victims of involuntary domestic servitude in the homes of wealthy Mongolian families after responding to online advertisements for work.

Many victims originally sought employment through fraudulent newspaper or television advertisements, and traffickers continue to use technology like “TV Chat” to lure victims.Many victims are recruited by acquaintances, friends, and family, and victims often have their travel documents confiscated.Around 250 North Koreans are employed in Mongolia as contract laborers – an increase from 150 last year, despite concerns that North Korean workers overseas do not appear to be free to leave their employment, have their freedom of movement and communication restricted, and receive an unknown fraction of the money paid to the North Korean government for their work.The Government of Mongolia does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking; however, it is making significant efforts to do so.The government sustained partnerships with NGOs on anti-trafficking prevention measures.Nevertheless, the government did not demonstrate adequate efforts to proactively identify and protect victims of trafficking, leading to few victims coming forward to assist in the prosecution of their traffickers.