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My professional dreams were coming true while I was living a personal nightmare.

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His other best friend JJ is an integral part of their friendship, as he acts as a mediator whenever there is a fight between Cook and Freddie.

At other times, however, Freddie is forced to act as the leader of the group whenever JJ has a panic attack or when Cook takes things too far; he is by far the most reliable in a crisis.

In any other situation, Freddie is often the first to give up, but usually bounces back with a nudge from either of his best friends.

In the third series, Freddie's relationship with his family is strained due to his sister Karen attempting to use their mother's death in order to become famous.

However, in the fourth series, he and Karen are much closer, having resolved all their differences.

Much of the third series deals with Freddie's romantic feelings for Effy and how that affects Cook, who also has fallen in love with her.Effy's decision to start a relationship with Cook although she has feelings for Freddie begins to deteriorate the friendship between Cook and Freddie.By the end of the series, Effy's choice in which she picks Freddie leaves it ambiguous as to whether or not Cook and Freddie's friendship can truly be In the fourth series, Freddie and Effy both deal with the fallout of her decision, and thus are unsure how to talk to Cook.Throughout the series, Freddie and Cook's relationship is still strained, due to Cook's lingering feelings for Effy.Similarly, his relationship with Effy is put to the test when she starts having a mental breakdown; he's not sure whether he is strong enough to take care of her by himself, and thus his relationship with her is put on hold while she spends time in a clinic.By the time their issues are resolved, however, his reunion with Effy is cut short tragically; he is murdered at the hands of her psychiatrist, Dr.