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When you need a wooden pallet for shipping to domestic or international locations, a custom pallet designed to your product specifications and shipping needs, will support your merchandise with less chance of breakage than a pallet that is made for any product.

Our pallet design team will work with you to design the pallet or shipping container that meets the needs of your product, shipping method and other special requirements to keep products safe and minimize the chance for damage.

Contact Dominion Pallet for a pallet quote on your next international or domestic shipment.

Supply chain optimization is involves getting products to your customers at the lowest overall cost however, problems such as product damage raise the cost.

It may seem like a good idea to go with lower cost shipping methods until a pallet failure causes damage that negates the savings.

There are many pallet options that distribution managers consider, including pooled pallets, half pallets that stores use for display, and plastic pallets.

Each of these options has appealing characteristics for supply chain managers looking to manage expenses.Before deciding on a pallet, managers must determine if the pallet options are ideal for the product.Dominion Pallet sells custom designed wood pallets for the product you are shipping.The load, product and destination are factored into the pallet design and construction.Do you know where that pooled pallet has been or what it has been through?If it is a custom pallet designed for your product, reclaimed and reused you can be confident in its capabilities.