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Considering some things up front, however, gives you a tentative road map and, more importantly, an expanded awareness.

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As we age, the ratio of women to men grows further apart. is 0 too much to spend to attract a fabulous man??

Some statistics say it’s as much as 11 women to each man after 55. If you’re dating after 40, I want you to stand up and stand out. ) Your profile needs to be unique and speak to men.

You’re reading this so you’re already ahead of the game. Here’s a tip: If your best girlfriend loves it, it probably sucks because it’s too girly. It’s disingenuous and a waste of time to do otherwise. I find that at 40, 50, and beyond, there is a wide spectrum of what type of partner men and women are looking for.

Let’s face it, meeting men is hard, especially if you are over 40. Your circle of friends is either the same it’s been for years, or you are now creating new friendships, post-divorce.

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Dating sites report that their fastest growing segment are people over 50.There are literally millions of men over 50 online.Online dating is the new hotspot for boomers and older adults. Online dating opens you up to a thousand more possibilities, and it’s a completely new way of meeting people. ) What things can you do to ensure your physical and emotional well-being as you talk to and meet people?As a woman over forty, you need to do a little extra work. Here are five tips to consider: WATCH: Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger's Secrets To Weeding Out Losers #1. Make some decisions and set some personal guidelines about how you want to integrate it into your life. What can you learn or change to be a successful dater?Intuition and special situations will create forks in the road.And as time goes on, you’ll likely tweak some of these decisions.