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Christian dating can be tricky when trying to meet a great date who shares your Christian faith.

Our advanced search filters allow you to look for people based on their interests and faith – you can search by denomination, as well as the extent to which potential Christian matches practice their religion.

Combine these factors with other search options like music taste or favourite sports team, and you’ll find Christian singles that you’d like to date.

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You can use the website to find Christian singles, browse using the mobile app, and even register for nights and events, giving you different opportunities to start your Christian dating journey.

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If you’re from a non-Christian background but are looking for a Christian date, read our guide to dating someone of a different faith.

I must tell you that this past week I actually went speed dating with a friend of mine from work and I have to say it was surprisingly good fun and yes.. There was music coming from inside and people in the window drinking. He has something to say about love, and how you shouldn't be afraid of loss of passion. He speaks fondly of it, but pronounces that all of Judaism is mystical.

I did meet some attractive single people - very encouraging for singles everywhere!!! All of the world is mystical, everything that we see is just an illusion.

The deal is that you spend an evening with like-minded singles and rotate through 20 3 minute 'dates' and take notes on each person you meet as you move from person to person. Everything is truly G-d, so what we take for the world is merely illusion.

At the end of the evening, you mark down which of the people you talked to you would like to see again. I am surprised, I didn't know that this was a Jewish way of thinking.

If two people mark each other down, they are given one another's phone number and from there, Nature takes its course. I tell him that I am familiar with the Aristotalean view that our material experience of the world is to reality as shadows cast on a cave wall is to the object of the shadow, but that I didn't realize that this was a Jewish way of thinking. I thank him, he may have saved me much embarrassment later in the evening, should I have made the same mistake with one of my speed dates.