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I already have a predilection towards Aquaman, but Jeff Parker has also delivered a rare mainstream superhero book that isn't infected by what Grant Morrison recently called an "Ebola-like 'crisis' epidemic." This is a book about the King of the Sea and how it was awkward for him to go to his high school reunion. He's got a very classic sensibility, which fits a comic like this that's stacked full of simple pleasures.

Cosplayers Written & Drawn by Dash Shaw Published by Fantagraphics This was my #1 pick of the year on my CBR list, for which I wrote: "With only two issues, Dash Shaw delivered the most honest take on modern comics culture published all year.

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But while there are a million Tumblr blogs out there extolling the idealized world of cosplayers, Shaw's perceptive stories of young women looking for a connection amid masquerade glory and aging Osamu Tezuka scholars contemplating their irrelevance provided an honest and endearing look at the people who make up modern fandom.

For a culture obsessed with fantasy, the cartoonist's work took care to present an effecting – and necessary – version of reality.

If every troll on the internet read these comics, we'd all be in a much better place." Does anyone know if he's doing a third issue?

As a precursor to what I'm hoping will be a really productive year around Phegley HQ, I wanted to dig back into life at the CKT with some posts looking back at 2014 -- a year that rode the fine line between uneventful and massively stressful to the chagrin of my odds at making it to 100.

As in previous years, I assembled a "Top 10 Comics of the Year" list for Comic Book Resources to contribute to their massive cage match of a Top 100 (see the full list here).

But unlike past years, I wasn't remotely responsible for compiling and editing that list.

That meant I could no longer sharpen my list to push books I like into the eyeballs of CBR's wide audience and subsequently that most of my picks didn't make the final round up.

Ever in need of a spotlight, I thought I'd share with y'all not only the ten books I submitted to CBR but also a bunch of other comics I enjoyed this year. Guh), I have to say that there were a ton of surely great comics I didn't read this year, and there are a bunch of comics I read and enjoyed where I could think of nothing to say about them.

For example, there's a raft of stuff from Image, Dark Horse, IDW and others that I read on a regular basis, and I usually trade wait most Marvel books (a process I'm way behind on as it is).

To top it off, I realized that a lot of what I liked the most this year was made by friends, and I'm not sure I can always divorce what I like about those people from what I like about their work as a real critic should.

So if you ever had a thought of taking anything I write as "objective" or "definitive," please stop doing that. Aquaman Written by Jeff Parker Drawn by Paul Pelletier Published by DC Comics My comics comfort food of the year. Even in the current "Maelstrom" arc which is nominally about long hidden secrets rocking the world of its hero, Parker seems more interested in making this "like no other Aquaman comic you've read before" by using Gorilla Grodd as a one-off villain than he is doing it was some transparent status quo change. I think he's the kind of guy some would call a throwback, but there's nothing about his style that pushes against our current time or towards a past one.