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But Belinda Van Krevel, whose nickname stems from her involvement in a series of grisly crimes, refused to reject her brother, Mark Valera, because of the revelation and says she still wants him to join her on the right side of prison bars.Van Krevel, 34, served four years in prison for masterminding her abusive father Jack's killing in August 2000, when he was hacked to death by her then boyfriend as she sat in the next room with her young daughter.

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In early 1998, at the age of twenty-three, Belinda was diagnosed with breast cancer.

She took time off from Home and Away (1988) to undergo chemotherapy treatments and, twelve months later, she was deemed to be in remission.

In late 1999, Belinda met comedian Rove Mc Manus at the opening of Sydney's Fox Studios.

The pair began dating and were married five years later. In 2000, Belinda began working on the popular drama series All Saints (1998) as "Jodie Horner".

However, one year later, she was diagnosed with secondary bone cancer after experiencing severe back pain, which she was told would eventually claim her life.

On 29 January 2005, Belinda married her long-time love, Rove Mc Manus, at Mary Immaculate Church in Sydney.Belinda Emmett passed away on 11 November 2006 surrounded by her family and friends.She was fare-welled at a funeral held at the same church she was married in less than two years earlier.Belinda was a much-loved actress who will be remembered for her courageous fight against cancer and her charity work, which helped raise awareness of the importance of early detection of breast cancer.On being told the bone cancer would claim her life: "It wasn't a matter of if, it was a matter of when. It was a weird sensation, almost an out-of-body experience.I don't think I'll ever be able to explain it." I think people underestimate the power that they have within themselves, I really do, and I think these kinds of challenges, they force you to look that little bit deeper and see what you're really made of. I've always been pretty gutsy and pretty ballsy, but I think I surprised myself this time around.