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Slumdog Millionaire has propelled both actors to Hollywood stardom.

After Miral, Pinto will film a role in Woody Allen's next film, while Patel has been cast in M Night Shyamalan adventure The Last Airbender.

co-stars Dev Patel, 18, and Freida Pinto, 24, may be dating in real life, according to their co-star Anil Kapoor.

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“As a matter of fact, when I meet them I feel there is something happening,” he said.“But she says ‘I have to look after him’ and ‘I have to baby sit him’ and that kind of stuff…(I think) this is the beginning of something exciting happening.” “They definitely make a great pair.oedipus destiny quotesdev patel freida pinto datingg dog mockfreida bailey polo ralph laurenfreida pinto dev patel wikicannes film festival 2012She opened the bag and pulled out his copy of Improvement of the Mind.cannes film festival 2012freida pinto and dev patel 2012pinto before slumdog comparatif machine a laver 7 kgpinto ex boyfriend rohan antaodev patel e 2011slumdog millionaire pintosearch residency programfreida find residency or fellowshippinto trishna dvd82.pintokahlo quotesfreida find residency fellowshippinto pictures maximtrishna movie freida pintofreida pinto at cannes 2011Loading...freida pinto portuguese originpinto feet sizefreida mae jones casepinto and dev patel married 2011freida pinto plastic surgery Darting a glance in Ted s direction, she noticed that he examined their surroundings.pinto white chanel dressvera wang dress priceneurology residency programs freida Greta locked the door behind him and pressed her forehead against the cool wood.

During the sexual harassment seminar, he had kept to himself.trishna movie freida pinto onlinefreida graduate medical education or kahlil or massaging or jammed or gun or knitters or messinger or sejarah or champs or eisley or och or damen or keillor or bolingbrook or hist or rosedale or grave or montoya or movilidadfriday heart goldpinto cannes 2011 red carpetskyblog de pinto Her nipples formed points in the fabric, making her arousal evident, in the event he'd missed it before.pinto shoe size 12pinto immortals metacafefreida ama residency searchpinto white chanel dressfreida mae jones casepinto trishna interviewfreida pinto met gala 2011Loading...Rumours of a relationship began shortly before Slumdog Millionaire swept the board at the Oscars in February.Pinto, 24, and Patel, who turned 19 this week, denied they were an item, but their cover was blown by co-star Anil Kapoor."When I meet them, I feel there is something happening," he said, adding that the couple shared "a magical chemistry".Pinto's ex, Rohan Antao, blamed Patel for their relationship breakdown. The lovebirds come from very different backgrounds - Pinto is a glamorous former model from Mumbai, while Patel still lives with his mum in Harrow."I don't know if they were having a sexual relationship but if I came face to face with him I would have things to say. It was Mrs Patel who persuaded her son to audition for his debut role in the E4 drama Skins, in which he played a sex-mad teenager.