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Social authorities in Saudi Arabia can arrest anyone who talks to a person of the opposite sex who isn’t a family member.

He winks at her and throws the piece of paper on the floor, hoping the girl collects it when no one is watching.

A quicker approach is the “drive-by method,” where the man shouts a compliment out his car window and then throw his digits onto the street before he peels away.

Several of the men I surveyed reported that they had simply called random numbers, hoping to reach a woman.

When a woman shows some interest, the man begs her not to hang up until they agree to speak again.

None of the men indicated that this had led to anything more than a telephone conversation.

One survey participant left his car in a lot with a “for sale” sign on the window and his phone number attached.The car was not for sale: He just hoped that a single woman would call and he could put his flirtation skills to the test.(A note about my survey methodology: I designed a survey through Google and asked my contacts to forward it to their contacts and ask them to forward it to their contacts.Many contacts of mine not only refused to forward such an “immoral” survey but also blamed me for doing such research.) The strict separation of the sexes has compelled Saudi men to use any means available to flirt with women in those rare instances where men and women are intermingled.Some participants in my survey mentioned that they had attempted to seduce women in such places as hospital wards and shopping malls.Local authorities have recently been expanding parks and “designated walking areas.” Not surprisingly, these have become a haven for many men hoping to speak to women.