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In Google Earth, you can right-click a Feature in the Places panel and copy it.

To view the corresponding KML for the copied object, open your favorite text editor and paste the selection into it.

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This section also contains the following: The Syntax section can be copied and used as a template for any non-abstract element in a KML file.The OGC KML standard provides a mechanism for extensions - additional elements that contain information beyond what is available in the standard (learn more about XML namespaces at the launch of Google Earth 5.0, Google has provided extensions to KML to support a number of new features.This section contains an alphabetical reference for all KML elements defined in KML Version 2.2, as well as elements in the Google extension namespace. In this diagram, elements to the right on a particular branch in the tree are , and it adds some elements that are specific to the Placemark element.KML is an open standard officially named the Open GISĀ® KML Encoding Standard (OGC KML).

It is maintained by the Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. The complete specification for OGC KML can be found at Note: Click an element name in this diagram to jump to its entry in the reference section.

Note that abstract elements (shown in boxes in the diagram) are not actually used in KML files.

They are a useful way for a single element to serve as the programmatic foundation for multiple similar (but different) derived elements. Because KML is an XML grammar and file format, tag names are case-sensitive and must appear exactly as shown here.

Understanding this object-oriented hierarchy is also a good way for you to learn KML, since you can easily see groupings of related elements. If you're familiar with XML, you will also be interested in the KML 2.2 Schema.

When you are editing KML text files, you can load this Schema into any XML editor and validate your KML code with it.

Tip: Viewing KML for Google Earth Features Here is a handy feature of Google Earth that makes it easy to view the KML file for any Feature.