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What is very interesting about the service is that it works like a P2P mesh network, meaning that one user can tunnel his browsing traffic through other user’s network.The advantage of this feature is that users can benefit from many country locations, including small countries where data centers aren’t common.The problem is that if you are a peer, you may get into trouble if other users tunneling the connection through your PC are into illegal activities like hacking or accessing illegal web content.

After selecting the location, the web page is refreshed automatically to by-pass the geo-location blocking.

A history of recently accessed websites or streamed videos will be recorded into your account on their website. Privacy-aware users would definitely hate this feature.

The extension suggests a list of popular websites, as used by other people from the same country.

Hola is a browser-based service that can be used to unblock geo-locked content and it also offers the possibility to stream videos online using an intuitive media player.

With over 40 million claimed users, Hola is intended mostly for private and non-commercial users.

Review Update June 14, 2015: We recommend not to use Hola and suggest two other Hola Alternatives that are much better.Hola Networks Ltd., an Israel-based company, launched their network in late 2012, and it started to grow constantly in January 2013 by offering a free product.Hola VPN works as a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox on all modern operating systems, or as a stand-alone app for Android and i OS.Quite surprisingly, the service is available for Internet Explorer, too.The Media Player service works for streaming torrent files instantly, directly from the browser.Along with the browser extension, the service will require to install a small program that is essentially both a torrent client and a Flash-based media player.