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You went on a first date and if you followed the advice we gave you, you killed it.

Now The Art of Charm wants to help you to go on a killer second date.

Going on a great second date isn’t much different from going on a great first date, but there are a few second date tips that you should pay attention to if you want to make things really memorable.

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The second date is just the process of rounding the bases.

Just keep your eyes on the prize, follow our simple tips and repeat some of the stuff that you did on the last date and you should be good to go.

Level Up the Excitement The second date is where you should level up the excitement.

Whatever you did on the first date, you need to top on this date.

You can pull back a bit on the third date and make it more chill.

But the second date is all about deepening the interest that you’ve already created.One of the best ways to do that is to pick something that’s even more interesting and exciting than what you did on the last date.Make It a Multipart Date One easy way to bring the excitement level up on the second date is to make it a multipart date.Start with one activity, then move on to another and then another.Each one of these can have a built-in time limit as discussed before.What’s more, you can tell her that you’re going to “surprise” her with where you’re going so that if things start going south after the second segment of the date you can end it there. Don’t Be Afraid to Escalate Remember the second date tips above about how she already likes you and that’s why she has agreed to go on not one, but two dates with you?