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,.,.■.; ;,« You H -- ■ ■ ■ Forums: Ovate up to 10,000 t/roup message ureas or Internet newsgroups for users to exchange ideas on u variety of topics. The newest, smartest generation of online software isn't coming from Microsoft. Think of Worldgroup as the bridge that links the people and resources within your company to the world beyond. It's coming from you — and Galacticomm, the creator of The Major BBS®. And it's a client/server online software platform that brings the world to you.

Local caching, "look ahead" and client-driven intelligence maximizes performance at 2,400 or 28,800 bps.You can customize all the icons and menu pages out of the box.With Workgroup's multimedia features, you can have a "splash" screen with a BMP image and a WAV or MIDI file, graphic menu backdrops, real-time video and more.We know online dating can be frustrating, so we built our site with one goal in mind: Make online dating free, easy, and fun for everyone.Finding a date with Mingle2 has never been simpler.

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New: List of Telnettafole BBSs Ask Tess: The BBSer's Q&A August 1995 US .95 Canada .95 70992-35460 $w$m M iliu il Lswii Jiiiiiij o l,l 70992"35460 l " 3 Harvard Alumni County Lixaiy Lovrif Bari. The client runs under Windows on your users' machines.

Asiocialiwi fy Q Da Hh Ua Main menu: Launch your own online service, right out of the box. Offer users e-mail thrums, multi-user teleconference, polls, files. Worldgroup Manager: I sers access and navigate your system with Worldgroup Manager, a 1 1 'indoles client With the click of an icon, users are connected and logged in to your system. Its multi- threaded architecture lets them do all sorts of cool things simultaneously.

out box, multi-fotdered Citing cabinet, address book and more. t Ar'.*.*^ forum Option ; Wirtdnw |felp 9 m\Mx\m \& r QQMm — •riwii Mt^iqr^m [UM Mip Gl "^wtifj HUtf '. And Workgroup's client/server approach makes it easy for anyone to use.

E-mail: Users am easily manage their mail with their own hi box. By running your own online service, you have 100% control over the content, presentation and revenue of your system.

A map even helps users track conversation threads visually. With the click of an icon, you can network your entire business world — customers, stockholders, prospects, field staff, distributors, vendors, the press and more — together online! The World's Most Powerful Client/Server Online Platform.